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Wings of Light 

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I’m Brittney the soul behind Wings of Light Alignments.


What an honour it is to be able to hold space for YOU to connect in with your Soul's true & authentic essence.


To awaken your abilities to trust your intuition


To assist you in shifting from the heavy & difficult "feels" into a safer & more nurturing space.


I have been trained in a number alternative modalities & take both in person (Gold Coast) and online (distance) appointments


This time round is to raise and heal the frequency for both the earth and human beings to take us to the next level of ascension.

Now saying this may sound nice and light and fluffy well its not exactly been the case.


You see to raise the vibration and frequency I had the program that I must learn through pain and suffering while I came to earth because that's where my human self had decided my soul would grow the most.


I've never truly felt comfortable being here on Earth, in any of my lifetimes here but this one seemed especially hard for some reason. This takes me to my story


I began my healing journey in 2013 where the world I knew was suddenly gone and I had no choice but to face pain I had so kindly suppressed. It still continues today - the healing journey is never over, no matter how enlightened we believe we are.


From there I have been to many healers myself, learnt from incredible teachers and tapped into my own knowledge and codes I already held. I am forever grateful for each and every one who came at the right time when my soul was ready for the next leap of faith. I learnt that it was always me who held the key to my healing, I was the one showing up to get some assistance when something was just a bit too much for me to go through on my own (and that's ok, I'm human just like you).

From there my gifts really came online and I could no longer run from them and really why would I want to? To be able to help and assist humanity connect with themselves and move some heaviness and connect them with answers, assist with healings and give insight and guidance where it is requested. What more could i ask for? The ladies and men that helped assist me on my journey have been incredible and it is an honor to continue this work with them all. I hold my teachers with such high regard and respect and I am so grateful they were placed along my path.

Book an Appointment for a reading or healing
Tel: +61 403 703 721
Instagram: @wingsoflightalignments
Please email or fill in the contact form to book a session

Online/Distant available for all sessions
and readings I can be very flexible with these sessions 

In home sessions on the Gold Coast

Or currently available at markets and expos


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